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Memory Bounds for Concurrent Bounded Queues [PDF]
Vitaly Aksenov, Nikita Koval, Petr Kuznetsov, Anton Paramonov. PPoPP 2024.


Lincheck: A Practical Framework for Testing Concurrent Data Structures on JVM [PDF]
Nikita Koval, Alexander Fedorov, Maria Sokolova, Dmitry Tsitelov, Dan Alistarh. CAV 2023.

CQS: A Formally-Verified Framework for Fair and Abortable Synchronization [PDF]
Nikita Koval, Dmitry Khalanskiy, Dan Alistarh. PLDI 2023.

Fast and Scalable Channels in Kotlin Coroutines [PDF]
Nikita Koval, Dan Alistarh, Roman Elizarov. PPoPP 2023.

The State-of-the-Art LCRQ Concurrent Queue Algorithm Does NOT Require CAS2 [PDF]
Raed Romanov, Nikita Koval. PPoPP 2023.


Multi-Queues Can Be State-of-the-Art Priority Schedulers [PDF]
Anastasiia Postnikova, Nikita Koval, Giorgi Nadiradze, Dan Alistarh. PPoPP 2022.


A Scalable Concurrent Algorithm for Dynamic Connectivity [PDF]
Alexander Fedorov, Nikita Koval, Dan Alistarh. SPAA 2021.


POSTER: Testing Concurrency on the JVM with Lincheck [PDF]
Nikita Koval, Maria Sokolova, Alexander Fedorov, Dan Alistarh, and Dmitry Tsitelov. PPoPP 2020.

POSTER: Memory-Friendly Lock-Free Bounded Queues [PDF]
Nikita Koval, Vitaly Aksenov. PPoPP 2020.


In Search of the Fastest Concurrent Union-Find Algorithm [PDF] Best Paper
Alexander Fedorov, Nikita Koval, Dan Alistarh. OPODIS 2019.

Efficiency Guarantees for Parallel Incremental Algorithms under Relaxed Schedulers [PDF]
Dan Alistarh, Giorgi Nadiradze, Nikita Koval. SPAA 2019.

Scalable FIFO Channels for Programming via Communicating Sequential Processes [PDF]
Nikita Koval, Dan Alistarh, Roman Elizarov. Euro-Par 2019.

POSTER: Lock-free channels for programming via communicating sequential processes [PDF]
Nikita Koval, Dan Alistarh, Roman Elizarov. PPoPP 2019.